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Any beach muse can confess her love for Australia…its inspiring style, its iced coffee, and its one of a kind beach spots. We also share our love for one of our fave Aussie photographers, Brydie Mack. As this list can go on and on, it’s without surprise we found ourselves in Byron Bay to shoot our newest collection, Rolling Hideaway.

Inspired by easy living, this season was designed for both retreating to the countryside and spending numerous long days on the beach. Sleek silhouettes were on our mind for this transitional season. Our favorites could be the cool girl stripes in elongating jumpers, pants, and dresses. But then again, there are the basics in luxe new textures that almost steal the spotlight.

Take a look behind the scenes and the making of the collection...

A big thank you to our Aussie friends Brydie Mack, Elyse Taylor, Ashlea Penfold, Stefan Jose, and Hayley Tucker for helping us make our dream of shooting in Australia come true!

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