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Guest blog post by Amuse Co-Founder and Creative Director Mandy Fry.

I was having a particular obsession with the California desert at the time of designing this collection. I had remembered being there years ago and wanted to escape the beach (just for a moment) and head inland to Joshua Tree. I wanted to sit in the stillness of no one around, and listen to the silence. I imagined taking in all the beauty of the endless rock formations and sitting along side the remarkable trees.

We started brainstorming the collection and dreaming up colors that would pop and other earthy neutrals that would compliment the desert landscape. We created prints that reminded us of the desert flowers and loved the pairing with our oh-so-Amuse black and white stripes and geographic prints.

We started saying things like “It’s Better in the Desert" and talking about “Desert Vibes." The girls and I love throwing around verbiage and making each other laugh until we come up with something that is worthy of being placed on one of our knit tops.

After few weeks of designing, at last, Desert High collection was created. While the team moved onto the next season, my next step was to get on a call with Brydie Mack (aka Wolf Cub) and start brainstorming where we would shoot next. Being from Australia, Brydie was so captivated by the thought of shooting in the California desert. Magic happened once we arrived in the barren landscape, and with the combination of the ultra-talented Brydie and the gorgeous Louise Mikkelsen, we were definitely Desert High! Louise was perfection with her beautiful tan skin and beach blonde bangs, not to mention those legs for days kept us all captivated.

This collection delivers a fresh supply of easy transitional pieces. A mix of modern and refined silhouettes, along with more relaxed flowy dresses that double up as something you would want to wear on an evening out or dancing around the desert with no one in sight.

Check out below some behind the scenes images from our latest collection “Desert High” and shop the collection, here.

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