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SoCal photographer (and close friend of Amuse), Stef Vinsel, traveled to beautiful Belize and shared her experience with us. Needless to say, we're itching to grab our passports and buy a plane ticket! Dive into her visual journey below and get ready to pack your bags, babes.

"Unpolished, unpredictable and unrecognized, San Pedro, a gem of the Caribbean, is full of excitement and beauty. I had never traveled alone internationally and this was my first time journeying south of the North American Border. Needless to say, I was nervous and vulnerable. The overwhelming welcoming culture; unpolished, untamed streets and jungles of Belize were refreshing. It all reminded me why traveling is and will always be my number one love."

Lupe Manzanillo Bralette + Ava Manzanillo Everyday Bottom + Bryden Woven Top

"I resided at the Las Terrazas resort for the week; a beautiful, primped resort to be sure, with white curtained cabanas, a salt water pool and golf carts for rent! That was actually my favorite part. Having the freedom to cart in to the chaos of the city of San Pedro was a treat. Not to mention, the crystal clear Caribbean waters and the warm air that coated me like a soft blanket; I was in heaven and four days wasn't enough."

Della Scarf

Photographer: Stefanie Vinsel

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