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Guest post by pro surfer and water woman Karina Petroni.

Last minute plans can be a real treat. The spontaneity in life is what keeps things exciting and usually brings a fortunate stroke of serendipity. I reached out to the lovely Cait Miers just before she set off on her amazing adventure through Central America. I told her I knew of a great stopover along the way. A place where shoes slow you down, and the scent of lime is the local perfume.

The islands of Eleuthera and Harbour Island are some of the most exquisite islands in the world. Situated so close to mainland America, you would think it would be spilling over with franchise establishments and selfie sticks. It’s the total opposite.

The most rewarding gift you can give yourself is sharing your special place with someone, seeing that big smile on their face is so gratifying. Here's a little slice of the beauty and the fun we captured.

Eleuthera, which is derived from the Greek word Freedom, lives up to it’s name. The island boasts a mermaid tail shape, rolling tropical hills and secret blue holes, just to name a few. As you traverse through the quaint villages, you receive soul warming smiles from the beautiful Bahamian people. Eleuthera also happens to have, fun aquamarine waves that peel on to pearly-sand beaches.

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Harbour Island, Eleuthera’s celebrity filled neighbor, is the garnish on the main course. Harbour Island dates back to the 1700's making it one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas. The historic, Caribbean-Colonial architecture, the tiny streets and the fact you can dine on either, fresh road-side Conch Salad or Foie Gras and later walk back to your island chateau on a Pink Sand beach is what makes it so enchanting. Did I mention the only means of motorized transport is by golf cart? Some really believe it is The Bahamas’ real life version of that childhood board game Candy Land. I was thrilled to show Cait a small piece of my Bahamian paradise. We set up shop at Touchstone Harbour Island, which provided us the perfect platform to create beautiful work.

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Photography by Cait Miers

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