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Floral Envy Dress in Riviera Blue

All About That Lace Top in Sand Dollar

Midnight Moon Short in Indigo Haze

Change of Heart Bodysuit in White

Oui Oui Tee in White Cap

Cool Breeze Woven Top in White

Lost Paradise Dress in Rose Dawn

By sweet fate or maybe even by chance, our muse finds herself traveling through the French Riviera. The quaint coastal city bustles with just enough life to inspire her inner rock muse on a European holiday. Her moments are captured voyeuristically in vivid color and the old charm of gritty black and white.

The historic color palette that surrounds her coincides with her sun bleached silk-like pieces. She looks like she has been here all her life. She takes to the streets with flowing blouses, easy rompers, and her trusted take-me-everywhere faded denim jacket. As she watches time go by in the town center, her floral print dresses seem to catch everyone’s eye. When the sun goes down, the warm evening calls her out for a nightcap. Her shoulder baring choices are perfect exposure for her well sun kissed skin. Basking in the French rays and the sweet salty air, the Côte d’Azur is proving to be more refreshing as each day passes. The stone background along the shore lets her pieces with luxe fabrications truly shine. With timeless grace and style reminiscent of the golden years, our Spring '18 collection is la belle époque…

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Photographer: Cameron Hammond | Model: Caroline Corinth | Production: Rachel Gill Hammond

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