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As Amuse Swim Week continues, we grabbed another bikini babe friend to get us motivated for those skimpy kinis. Get up and join us with our very own Kylie Yoshida as she demonstrates easy-to-do-anywhere exercises.

For Obliques

  1. Start in a side plank position. Push hips to the sky with right arm planted strongly on the ground and left hand lifted straight up.
  2. Reach left hand around body and through. Repeat set of 10. 
  3. Switch side plank to left side for a set of 10.

For Total Body Workout

  1. Start in downward dog. Raise right leg high and pull knee into chest aiming to touch left elbow. 
  2. Raise right leg high again. Pull knee into chest this time aiming to touch right elbow.
  3. Alternate between left and right elbow for a total of 10 reps.
  4. Switch to left leg and repeat.

For Abs

  1. Lay flat on back with legs straight. Start with right arm rested straight above your head on the ground and left arm rested straight down along your side. 
  2. Simultaneously raise your right arm and left leg to touch (keeping both straight). Aim to reach past your ankles. 
  3. Repeat for a set of 10. Switch arm and leg and repeat.

For Core/Lower Back

  1. Start in table top position. Slowly raise right arm and left leg (simultaneously if possible). Tighten core as you keep limbs super straight and long.
  2. For extra core, slowly bend right elbow and left knee to touch. Tighten core as you balance. Set of 10 on each side.

For Booty/Thighs

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Step out with right leg to a side lunge. Sit as low as possible.
  2. Return to center. Repeat on other side. Set of 10

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