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Meet Jennifer Binney, designer and creator of Samudra. As a photographer, designer, and traveller she has captured her love for island life through her beautiful photography of the natural beauty that surrounds her. Known for her tropical and picturesque bags (pretty sure we all own one), Jen also resides in nature’s paradise, Oahu. Her collection brings the beauty of the islands to every piece. Learn how this summer's hottest collab came to be...

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For those who aren’t familiar with Samudra just yet, give us your brand’s quick background.

Samudra is a dichotomy; with our core being tropical (as I am born and raised in Hawaii), and our roots grounded in India, where we have our small factory. The brand is a reflection of how these two worlds come together. “Samudra” in Sanskrit means ocean; the gathering of waters.

How did you and Mandy (Amuse co-founder) first meet? At which point did you know you wanted to collaborate together?

Mandy and I met a few years ago when Amuse was just launching. We partnered with some other brands for a cocktail event during Miami Swim Week. A few years later, she reached out to me when her team and her were feeling the vibe to do a more tropical, digital swim experience, and of course I jumped on that.

Describe the collaboration process. What attracted you to collaborating with Amuse Society?

I would describe the process as open, Mandy and her team really let me just do what I do naturally…tropical.

Who is this collaboration designed for?

The collab is designed for the ocean lover that enjoys function with design. The suits are sexy and stylish on their own, but can also be worn surfing or paddling.

Hawaiian photographer (and overall creative babe) Brooklyn Dombroski is the face of the collab. How did this come to be?

When we thought about doing a little shoot for “Beach Vida Aloha,” I really wanted to capture the beauty of our local girls here in Hawaii, and I also wanted someone that could represent that strong ocean woman. To me, Brooke epitomizes all these things – she rips at surfing, and is a pure tropical goddess.

Which is your favorite piece from the Amuse x Samudra collaboration?

So hard to choose, but I really love the “Queens Cheeky One Piece” wetsuit. It’s always been a dream of mine to do neoprene.

What’s next for Samudra?

Samudra is looking forward to traveling and getting inspired by the world. When I first started, I wanted to travel somewhere exotic every year shoot pics and use that inspo to create the collection. As years passed, I got caught up in the busy-ness of work, so goal this year is to go back that…

Photo Credit: Bailey Rebecca Roberts

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