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Nothing beats the pulsing of live music in your veins, the warmth of the California sun on your skin and the smell of true, authentic, homegrown wine. Napa Valley, an oasis for wine lovers everywhere, is also home to BottleRock Music Festival, a widely known gathering of people looking for some good booze, good eats and some seriously good tunes.

Last weekend, we sent our social photographer and close friend of Amuse, Stefanie Vinsel, up north to experience the festival firsthand and hang backstage with some of our favorite bands. Backstage pass in hand and stuffed Amuse duffle in tow, Stefanie packed up her car in preparation for her road trip up the golden coast. It was the sweet smell of wine country that cued her in that she had finally arrived at the festival.

Stefanie had the pleasure of photographing one of our favorite rock muses, Stevie Scott, and captured her performance with Machineheart (catch our previous feature on Stevie and Machineheart here). When she first arrived, Stefanie found Stevie backstage whisking around in her Stevie Nicks-esque, white, flowy top as the band was preparing for a sound check. Film loaded, Stefanie immediately jumped in and started shooting the ever-photogenic rocker chick. When Stevie stepped foot on stage, barefoot and beautiful, the crowd went wild--energy radiated from every direction.

The goosebump-raising set list included their single “Circles” as well as a rendition of Britney Spear’s "Hit Me Baby One More Time”—a crowd favorite, for sure! Stevie’s silky-smooth voice and fireball, kinetic energy captured the hearts of her fans and kept the crowd wanting more. Stefanie split her time between the stage and the pit, photographing Jamie N Commons, Jamestown Revival, The Lumineers and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Check out the images she captured over the weekend!

Photography by Stefanie Vinsel

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