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Amuse: "How did you become friends and when?"

Stef + Kels: "We actually became friends about a year ago. We don't have a long history, but it's definitely a significant one. She stepped in right when I thought my life was falling apart. We have a mutually friend that knew we'd love each other, being two chicks from the midwest called westward by the California waves - who love life, people and travel, so she connected us."

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Amuse: "If you could take your dream trip together, where would it be and why?"

Stef: "We're are planning a 2 month road trip to Alaska next summer. That's a mega dream trip of ours. We have always wanted to drive up the coast; north, north, north and more north, stopping along the way, meeting people and basking in nature. We are hoping to document it to inspire people to find and become who they truly are meant to be in this crazy world."

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Amuse: What are your favorite things to do together?

Stef + Kels: Beach days, of course -- but really...We live so close and spend most of our free time swimming in the ocean, running around in the sand and watching the sunset. Some of our most amazing conversationss have happened at dusk, sitting on a lifeguard tower, drinking a glass of wine. Also, we actually love the fact that we live together, in the same room, share the same closet and get to wake up next to each other. One of our favorite things to do is just that, brew some coffee, light candles - open our front door and get our day started together. We also thoroughly enjoy hosting people at our little home, we call "The Bird's Nest". We've seemed to create this little nook in the chaos on 39th street that people come to find peace and rest. Also, drinking wine, day dreaming, eating, so many road trips and talking a lot, a lot.

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Photographer: Sarah Kunst | Models: Stefanie Vinnsel + Kelsie O'Connor