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Brand collaboration is a great way to supercharge innovation. There is something special about complementary brands coming together, to make both of their brands even more unique.

I was so excited when I heard Nixon wanted to collaborate with us. I love the Nixon team and have great respect for the brand and what they have built. I have known some of the team since the start of my career, so it felt really organic to collaborate with them. The process was natural since both of our brands are rooted in beach culture, but with a sophisticated sensibility of fashion. Nixon is elevated yet obtainable, and I felt we could tell a great story together.

Throughout the design process it was fun to learn about a new product category. I had never designed watches before, so the Nixon team taught me about watch materials, the functionality, and what goes into creating them. I love any chance to design and test new categories that are outside of my expertise; items that we won’t ever produce ourselves, but are important to the Amuse girl. I went with classic Amuse colors – black, white, and gold, with a slight pop of our signature pink to mark that 5 o’clock hour. I wanted the collection to feel timeless, and effortlessly sexy.

Before I knew it, we had designed six watches, all unique, yet true to the Amuse girl. The Bullet Chrono is a personal favorite. The chronograph model was inspired by my travel – whenever I am traveling it is important for me to always know what time it is where I am, and back home in California! It was also important for us to engrave the back of each watch with Amuse Society's slogan, “BEACH VIDA BLING.”

I am super excited to share with you today this capsule collection comprised of styles that are androgynous, but designed for a woman’s wrist; timeless pieces, with an elevated twist. Whether you wear a watch to tell time or not, they are the perfect minimalistic accessory. Hope you enjoy!

xx Mandy

The C-39 Leather Watch

The Kenzi Leather Watch

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