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We caught up with writer and musician, ROZES, in her hometown of Philadelphia. Over the last few months, her voice has absolutely captivated us (we always have it playing in our office!). While hanging with her, ROZES played some tunes for us, showed us her record collection, and talked about future plans. Get to know ROZES + be sure to catch her desert performance, this Sunday with The Chainsmokers (& stay tuned for a special surprise this week!).

Katrina Woven Kimono

Introduce yourself!

"I’m ROZES, I’m a writer and musician from Philadelphia. I’m obsessed with sushi, but I’m currently on a diet, so it’s a sad time, ha."

So, you’re playing Coachella…Are you stoked or what?! How does it feel?

"I’m so totally stoked to be going to Coachella, let alone performing at it. I really don’t know what to expect, I know Coachella is this mystical music festival that everyone seems to love, but I’ve never been, so I’m thinking I’m in for a surprise! It feels weird to know that I’ve dreamed of going, and my first time there will be because I’m performing! Weirddddd. "

Ness Knit Tank Top + Katrina Woven Kimono

Tell us about your typical routine leading up to a performance. Do you have any unique / funny / weird rituals?

"I usually fiddle with my good luck watch that was my grandfather's, chug some red wine & put on my crown, all at the last minute though, because I like the quick adrenaline rush of possibly not being ready in time, haha!"

Iconic Muscle Tank + Rambler Vegan Leather Jacket

How do you feel after a performance?

"I usually feel like I could run a marathon for the first couple of minutes I’m off the stage. After that, I’m super drained and exhausted because I usually leave every ounce of energy I can out on the stage."

Who are you most excited to see perform at Coachella / festivals this year?

"Alessia Cara, Ellie Goulding, Halsey, Of Monsters and Men, BORNS, and Sia… I definitely hope I get to see them all, haha I’ll be totally fan-girling."

Misha Jumper (coming soon!) + Rambler Vegan Leather Jacket

What’s the best part(s) of being on the road / performing?

"I think getting to see that I have fans all over the map. It’s always amazing to be getting ready for a show thinking “ugh I wonder if anyone is going to come” (typical ROZES anxiety), and seeing that the place fills up and people sing along to my songs with me. I’ve been loving performing my new music for everyone!"

Out of all the songs you've written, what's your favorite?

"That's hard to say.. I love them all so much because they’re pieces of myself in my rawest form.. but I’d have to say “Fragile” or “R U Mine”. People seem to relate to them and it’s so amazing to see that my struggle is relatable."

Who are the artists you are currently most inspired by?

"Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stafani, Twenty One Pilots, and Sia."

What are your most coveted Amuse pieces for festival season?

"I literally want the whole catalog.. but for festival season, the Verano Beach Blanket, the Aubrey Romper, and the June Romper!"

Iconic Muscle Tank + Rambler Vegan Leather Jacket

What are your travel / festival packing must-haves?

"My lucky watch, a cute romper, and my ROZE crown. As long as I have those, I’m set."

Who is your all time rock muse?

"Hmm for me, my rock muse is Amy Winehouse. So fucking badass and musically inspirational. I think every musician tends to want to be like her. I know I do. "

What does being a rock muse mean to you? Being a Rock muse to me means being able to represent emotions and being a voice of expression. I want to represent that it’s okay to feel. I want to represent that even though sometimes we are weak, it doesn’t mean we’re not strong.

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