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Since the launch of our collab with Matisse Footwear, it goes without saying that we have been wearing the collection daily around the office here. Everyone has their top favorite, if not more than one. Check out the Amuse team’s picks, and why the Society Boot is number one on everybody’s list!

Last Call Boot on Blush

"These are my favorite because they can spunk up a plain outfit. The days that I am not wearing color and only wearing black and white or black on black (like everyday), these boots are my fave because they add a little flavor.” - Andrea, Swim Designer

Santos Slide in Bronze | Runaway Platform in Black

Backstage Boot in Black

"The perfect boot! They go well with everything and I love the studded look!” - Jade, Designer

Society Boot in every color.

"I wore these for 3 days straight at our last trade show and they were so I decided to get every color!!" - Lydia, VP of Merchandising

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