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Music festivals and Aussie babes, two things we love, which is why it should come as no surprise that when we first connected with Lucy and Nikki, the girls behind We The Wild Ones, it was an instant love-fest.

With Splendour in the Grass—our favorite Australian music festival—just around the corner, we wanted to get some pro tips from the babes who know it best.

We caught up with them during their trip to Mexico (margies in hand, natch), and they stayed put just long enough to give us the inside scoop on how best to Splendour.

Nikki in our Solana Woven Top + Shiva Skirt | Lucy in our Sunburst Headband + Mariposa Off The Shoulder Top

You seem to have a special sisterly bond. How did you first meet/how long have you known each other? How did We The Wild Ones come to be?

Well… to put a long story short, we’re both from tiny towns in North Queensland, Australia. You could definitely call us bogans! We both moved to Townsville in 2009 for University. We met one day doing promo work for the V8 Supercars (did I mention we are bogans?). I (Lucy) was working at Red Bull at the time and begged Nik to apply for a position in our team because naturally I just wanted to hang out with her more. We’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since. We the Wild Ones started almost 2 years ago. We loved going to festivals and getting dressed up so it was just a natural progression. Now, we’re so lucky to be able to go to festivals and travel as part of it. We’re just stoked that people are interested in following 2 bogans from North Queensland!

Lucy, tell us something juicy we don’t know about Nikki, and Nikki, what’s something about Lucy that we might find to be surprising?

Lucy: Okay so first thing about Nikki is - she is VERY well behaved most of the time. And thank god, because 60% of the time, she is cleaning up my mess ERRY time. BUT... if baby gal wants to sneak into something - a Coachella after party or backstage at a festival for example - she can turn ON the chat. You should see her in force! She's got the serious gift of the gab. Which is funny since the little weirdo barely spoke until the age of 8. Now you can't shut her up.

Nikki: One good thing about Lucy is that what you see is pretty much what you get! Something that might surprise people though is that when she was younger she had quite a flare for acting and once did a monologue of Shmiegel from Lord or the Rings and bloody killed it! The little fashionista even went above and beyond with the costume design by incorporating a streaking cap to give the illusion she was bald with a few loose hairs coming out of the top. MY GURL!

You have both been on the road the past few weeks. Where have you been, and what has been a highlight so far?

Lucy: I started off in California doing a road trip for 2 weeks and then headed down to Mexico to see Nik. My highlight was definitely Yosemite National Park… I don’t think I was ready for how beautiful it is and when we arrived I was blown away.

Nik: I flew into Baja California and spent time there before getting the ferry across to Mainland Mexico with my boyfriend and our trusty van that we’ve been travelling in. From there we have travelled majority of the Mexico Coastline from Mazatlan to Puerto Escondido where I met up with Luc. The whole thing has been so amazing.

Since you are traveling around the globe, living the wanderlust dream, you are actually missing Splendour this year. Which band or artist are you having the most FOMO about?

Lucy: UGH don’t even talk to us about missing Splendour! That’s the one festival we never miss! We both love The XX so it’ll be a shame to miss that!

Nikki: I’m devo to be missing Real Estate - we missed them at Coachella too because we got too LIT haha typical!

When at a festival, do you plan who you’re going to see, or do you prefer to go with the flow?

Nik is much more music savvy than me (Lucy) so she usually makes sure we don’t miss anyone important. Although we have been known to sometimes get too distracted by the bar and miss a few acts (oopsie)

Best on the road/festival beauty tips?

Face/baby wipes - literally your best friend at a festival especially if you are camping.

Splendour is a 3 day event… Start hard or finish hard? What’s your survival advice?

We have a tendency to go a little too hard on the first day! But if you make sure you have a big breakfast (we usually have sausages and eggs at our camp site), you’ll have a better chance of getting through the full three days.

And sunnies are a must - the best way to cover up the fact you have barely slept.

What is one item you can’t Splendour without?

Gumboots and a warm jacket. Doesn’t matter how stylish you think you are, if you aren’t rugged up when the sun goes down, you won’t last long.

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